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pat_amazon_isbn is a plu­gin for Text­pattern CMS which trans­forms your ISBN13 format num­bers into links that point to the corres­ponding Amazon sell­ing page. It is the miss­ing bridge to Amazon for book­sellers. Help, ques­tions and su­pport avai­lable on the dedi­cated forum thread.



<txp:pat_amazon_isbn number="" url="" extra="" prop="" tooltip="" title="" class="" />

With a cus­tom field:

<txp:if_custom_field name="ISBN"><txp:pat_amazon_isbn number='<txp:custom_field name="ISBN" />' url="" tooltip="" title="" /></txp:if_custom_field>


<txp:pat_amazon_isbn number="978-1118008188" url="com" extra="data-tooltip" prop="On the Amazon Store" tooltip=" On the Amazon Store " title="Buy on Amazon" class="link" />

The code above will pro­duce an HTML link to the Ama­ sell page for the book with the ISBN13 num­ber "978-111-800-818-8".

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New version v0.1.2 with code reviewed. "extra", "prop", "class" and a simplified "url" attribute added:

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